HQ Essentials

HQ Essentials: Competencies for the Healthcare Quality Profession is a resource to guide you and your organization to ensure you are well prepared to continue to serve and lead in the healthcare quality roles of today and tomorrow. HQ Essentials define industry-elevating competencies for advanced and master professionals in healthcare quality in six key areas:

  • Performance and Process Improvement
  • Population Health and Care Transitions
  • Health Data Analytics
  • Patient Safety
  • Regulatory and Accreditation
  • Quality Review and Accountability

Who Can Benefit from HQ Essentials


  • expand your knowledge of advanced and master competencies
  • assess your knowledge and skill sets related to the competencies
  • increase your marketability


  • ensure your workplace meets standards of excellence in healthcare quality
  • inform strategy around your quality infrastructure programming and staffing models
  • build a healthcare team that speaks a common language and utilizes principles and practices to communicate clearly
  • inform the recruiting and hiring process for yourself or your staff

Engage with HQ Essentials

Our tools and learning opportunities help you assess, learn, and engage with the HQ Essentials:  

Use of HQ Essentials Information

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